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More people can know about myGreekBIBLE and the Scriptures in the Greek language.

  • Are you married? Sign up your spouse.
  • Do you have kids? Sign them up and change their future.
  • Are you in a Bible study? Sign up the other attendees and bring myGreekBIBLE Study to the group.
  • Do you have family members that may like myGreekBIBLE or be intrigued by it? Sign them up. myGreekBIBLE may be the way God will use to deepen their relationship with Him. For others it may bring them to Christ or even bring them back.
  • Or anyone else in your life, you think will benefit from myGreekBIBLE; there is no limit to how many people you can sign up!

Do you know a seminary student, pastor, a teacher, or a professor that you think would like to myGreekBIBLE? We would like to bless them with access to our paid services at no cost to them.

(if you would like them to receive texts from MGB)