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myGreekBIBLE was created for you!
This site is for everyone. For everyone just like God intended it to be.
After all, that is what the word “KOINE” means:
The language that is spoken by everyone in a country
 and helps in the communication between those that speak different dialects.
Now we can all know what the Greek Biblical text says; and everyone includes Y O U !


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For the “koino” man and “koine” woman, the “simple” man and the “simple” woman that wants to know what the Scriptures in the Greek language say. For the “koino” man and the “koine” woman that does not have time for seminary and degrees. But also, for the “koino” man and the “koine” woman that is in seminary and wants to deepen their learning and understanding. For the pastor and the teacher. For the elder and the deacon. For the person that loves God, the person that is looking for God, the Christ follower and the researcher of His Holy Word.

Wouldn’t you want to be certain about the Greek you are told in Church, at school, by a friend or through a radio/tv program? How can you know for sure? Now you can! By someone that knows the language, that grew up with the Greek (Koine and Modern) as his first languages, that is fluent in other languages and, therefore, is familiar with linguistics. Most importantly refers to ONLY Greek resources for the Greek text in the Scriptures.


We will investigate the simple and complex words, the meaning and the context of the Greek text, the passages and verses often misunderstood or mis-explained, and we will explain to them in a way NO ONE has ever before with simple but more in depth research. It has always been there and now you get to know!


ΚΟΙΝΗ: Η γλώσσα που μιλιέται από όλους σε μια χώρα και βοηθά στην συνενόηση αυτών που μιλούν διάφορες διαλέκτους. (ΠΑΙΔΙΑ, ΠΡΟΤΟΤΥΠΟ ΛΕΞΙΚΟ, ΤΗΣ ΝΕΑΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ, ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΣΤΑΦΥΛΙΔΗ)
TRANSLATION: KOINE: The language that is spoken from everyone in one country and helps in the communication between those that speak different dialects.


Because it is the language that is spoken for everyone, to everyone, and that is you. And although “KOINE” refers to the language, “KOINO(S)” refers to people just like you.

Here are the three definitions of KOINO, from the Greek by a Greek, that relate to You:

  1. Κοινό: Ο λαός, ο κόσμος, η κοινωνία Koino: The people, the world, the ensemble of people to achieve one organic result
    TRANSLATION: Koino: The people, the world, the ensemble of people to achieve one organic result
  2. Κοινό: Σύνολο προσώπων πού συγκεντρώνονται γιά τό ίδιο σκοπό η συνδέονται με τή χρήση ή αγορά ενός πράγματος
  3. TRANSLATION: Koino: The assembly of faces (people) that gather for the same goal or get connected with the use or the purchase of one thing
  4. Koina: Τά κοίνα: Οι δημόσιες υποθέσεις της χώρας
    TRANSLATION: The public assumptions of the country

DO YOU SEE IT? Although “KOINE” is the language, “KOINOS” refers to people like You and me. That IS who the Scriptures were spoken and written for: You! AND IT ALL BEGINS HERE!

Founder, myGreekBIBLE

Peter theGreek

Peter theGreek, founder of myGreekBIBLE, was born in Athens, Greece and raised in a village on the Mediterranean Sea. He attended school in Greece until his parents immigrated to North America when he was a young teenager. He has been reading, writing, speaking, and translating Greek since 1972 and is tri-lingual; thus, he understands languages as well as the difference in cultures and in traditions.
Greek traditions, the way of life of the Greek culture, and the Greek writings go back over 3,400 years. The Greek language consists of over 5,000,000 words. In contrast, the English language contains a little over 170,000 words. You can see that an attempt to accurately translate the Scriptures in the English language is almost an impossible task. Some text has been “lost in translation”, other text has inaccuracies, or the translation may not include the original detail or depth as the original language does.
Adding to it the Mediterranean “way of life”, the “culture”, the “traditions”, the “Greek philosophy” or the “Mediterranean frame of mind” and it does become an impossible task to have the accuracy and the depth of the original language. But not for someone that is Born-Again, has the Holy Spirit living in them and the Greek is unveiled in a whole new level of relational understanding. Now, you too will get to know!

Know it for Yourself

Learn from a native Greek

If you wanted to learn a difficult language, let’s say Biblical Greek for example, would you prefer to learn it from someone who is not Greek that learned the language from someone who is not Greek, who cannot read Greek and translate it without looking up every word on the internet or look up commentaries? Or would you rather learn from someone who was born and raised in Greece, knows the culture, knows the history, knows the Greek Scriptures (Septuagint & New Testament) and can simply read the text and translate it while reading it? That is what myGreekBIBLE is all about.

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Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who  does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15

Mission Statement

To empower mankind with a deeper level of relational understanding of the Scriptures in the Greek Language, so we can fall deeper in love with God’s Spoken Word and have a growing personal relationship with our Creator, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

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